New Beginnings II Blood, Sweat & Tears (of accomplishment!)

Blog #2 - New Beginnings II: Blood, Sweat & Tears (of accomplishment)

5th February 2018

If someone were to tell my graduate self, fresh out of university, that by the age of 30 I would be co-running a community arts centre in addition to working freelance as an professional Actor and theatre practitioner, I would giggle in disbelief. At the same time, however, I would be equally as elated. This is what has happened. I am very fortunate.

Since meeting Gill back in 2015, we have worked continuously together on various projects – primarily theatre related (but with a few workshops thrown in for good measure!) We have gone on to develop two full theatre shows, in tandem, establish Brave Bold Drama as a CIC (Community Interest Theatre) and transform a dilapidated 70s build in to a vibrant hub of community-centric creativity and an affordable rehearsal resource for theatre makers.

I won’t lie to you - Creative Workspace has been blood, sweat and tears. I’ve definitely nicked my hand on some redundant furniture item we have inherited whilst dumping it in the back of Gill’s car prior to a tip-run (sometime in the last 8 months or so). I’ve no doubt sweated somewhat (lifting said item). Tears-wise, I’ve shed a couple out of tiredness from the breadth of work we have undertaken. Also out of pride in what we have created. We’re in a position now where systems are in place and things are manageable. The dust is settling. Finally.

We have ‘refurbished’, to the best of our ability  - mainly painted, inventoried and rearranged the feng shui of the place. We have even bought a swish-stencil, so we can emblazon the venue logo on to the side of the building. It will be like a stamp of validation and statement of longevity. We are in this for the long run. We aim to have this up by March, so keep those eyes peeled for updates on this!

There are many exciting things on the horizon for Brave Bold Drama CIC. A brand new, full-length adult theatre piece that Gill will be writing later in the year. A first for Brave Bold Drama. Our award-winning family show Alf the Highwayman will also return for a few dates later on in the year, furthermore. Then we have a wide-range of activities and events going on in Creative Workspace. Things pop in to diary all the time, so do keep a close eye on the ‘Events’ section of the Facebook page for updates.

We take it upon ourselves to programme a wide selection of creative opportunities for families with young children, most of which are drop-in so you can stay as long as you like. These are also very affordable. We also have several spaces left for those wishing to sign up to our Arts Award programme which is kindly funded by the Big Lottery. This is a great opportunity for teenagers to build confidence and stretch their creative muscles in whatever art form they choose!

Anyway – I’ve kept this blog-entry short(ish) and sweet. I’ve included some before and after pics of the venue below, so you can see what we have managed to achieve through our ‘renovations’.

I must also take the time to thank all the volunteers who have helped us so far. We are sincerely indebted you and we cannot thank you enough for generosity.

Anyway – stop rattling, Lawless . . .

Catch you in a month or so!

Paul (aka Fox/Dincent/Dince/Laws/Lawless)



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