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Primary School


Brave Bold Drama is often found in primary schools, supporting the curriculum as well as enriching special events such as Book Week. Sometimes we are simply required to facilitate workshops, but more often we weave performance elements in to the workshop delivery.

We have delivered bespoke sessions to accompany Art, History and English curriculum topics, as well as facilitating Samba and the All Black's Haka movement workshops.

Devising Residencies

We run devising residencies in primary schools, usually between 5-10 weeks in length and work with children from reception up to Year 6. We start from scratch every time, and the children create a show that matters to them. At the end friends and families are invited to watch.

We have made shows about the First World War, Indian myths, Ancient Greek monsters and The Importance of Bedtime Stories. 

"Thank you for the Mrs Pepys' Diary workshops. They absolutely loved it. It really brought the event to life for them and then helped with their extended writing. Brilliant!"

(Year 3 teacher)

"Thank you for the Vera Brittain workshop. It was quite uncanny when you first appeared in our classroom in the Nurse's uniform. Using photographs of the actual people you were telling us about really helped them realise this actually happened."

(Year 5 teacher)

"Whenever I looked into the hall, the children, whether they were Nursery or Year 6, were just spellbound by your Ashputtel performance. You engaged them so completely."


"It was so inspiring! The students totally understood why they were doing the drama activities afterwards and loved it. I'm going to use lots more drama in my lessons now I've seen how effective it is!"

(Newly Qualified Primary Teacher)

"You kept even our more challenging students completely focused and engaged for the entire 90 minutes! They have loved making their own Year 6 Haka and are very proud of it. They're excited about performing it at their final assembly when they say goodbye to the rest of the school!"


Lesson Feedback

Session Feedback

"To see my son concentrating like that on stage was just marvellous. This has been such a positive experience for him.

He has found a way to show us what he can really do!"


"The juniors’ play ‘Turn Back and Look Beneath’ was strikingly emotive. I can’t believe how much you achieved in only 5 weeks!

It is lovely that the students have developed the content themselves. Brilliant!”


"Whenever I see you rehearsing the children the atmosphere is buzzing, exciting but also really professional.

You demand high standards and the children respond so well to that."

(Headteacher of Chewton Mendip Primary School, Bristol)

"It's amazing to think they could make something that looked that professional in only 5 hours. It's so different from the kind of drama they're used too. Fantastic!"