Alf the Highwayman

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Alf the Highwayman


Best Children’s Show, Shaftesbury Fringe 2016

Best Children’s Show, Swindon Fringe 2017

‘Alf the Highwayman’ was devised and first toured in  2016. The show was revived to retour in 2017, visiting fringe and folk festivals. Alf will continue to go a-galloping in 2019.

‘A beautifully written and performed piece of children’s theatre.'

Exploring Exeter

‘An exceptional show.’

Vault Festival

‘The audience loved it! Fun & really entertaining.’


Alf has an eye for other people’s possessions. Especially belongings of sentimental value. He snatches and grabs without a thought for other people’s feelings. ​

But it’s time for him to change tack and learn that there are better ways to play!

Roll up, set a sail and join Alf as he gallops through the blustery wood, along the seashore and revels in wonder as the circus comes to town . . .

Full of imaginative play, original songs and vibrant characters – ‘Alf the Highwayman’ is a show for all the family with plenty of chances to join in and no frights!

audience reviews

“My favourite bit was when the highwayman brought back the toys and said sorry.”

(Archie, 8)

“I liked it when the lady was very funny and couldn’t get her scarf on.”

(Olivia, 5)

“Absolutely fab! The children were mesmerised and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great story.”


“The children we brought are all 3 or 4, and they were all thoroughly engaged throughout. That is a very impressive thing to achieve! Well done!”


“It was nice to see a show of meaning about caring and sharing. It was a better understanding for the children to understand about sharing and taking responsibility. Shows them why people feel their emotions, personal feelings and how that items means something to people, it’s not about how much it is, it’s about the person’s feelings and how much it means to them. Thank you.” (Parent)

"Brave Bold Drama put on a fantastic two person show as part of the Kids Tent at Priddy Folk Festival this year. They kept the whole audience (including toddlers!) transfixed for nearly a full hour with their fast paced show ‘Alf the Highwayman’.  Both the characters and the songs were very memorable and both actors were both great musical performers who really engaged the crowd.  I would HIGHLY recommend this company for their professional approach and their musical, interactive show."

(Eliza Wylie, Priddy Children’s Festival Programme organiser)

Photography: Steve Gregson



Tour Dates

28th July & 4th August 2019

Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

Part of Exeter Fringe

1st October 2017

The Old Town Hall, Stroud

Part of Stroud Theatre Festival

11th October 2016

Parson Street Primary School

27th July 2019

FarmFest, Somerset

16th September 2017

Creative Workspace, Bristol

11th September 2016

Art in the Park Festival, Knowle

Outdoor Performance

28th July 2017

The Boat Shed, Exeter

3rd & 17th August 2016

Windmill Hill City Farm, Bedminster

Outdoor Performance

26th May 2019

Elderflower Fields Family Festival

22nd July ​2017

A.J’s Coffee Shop, Cardiff

Part of Cardiff Fringe Festival

12th July 2016

St Peter’s Primary School, Bishopsworth

Outdoor Performance

4th May 2019

Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe

8th July 2017

Priddy Folk Festival, Priddy
Outdoor Performance

4th July 2016

Southern Links Children’s Centre

Outdoor Performances

27th Jan - 3rd Feb 2019

Vault Festival, London

1st-2nd July 2017

The Baptist Hall, Barnstaple

Part of Fringe TheatreFest

3rd July 2016

Bell Street Church

Part of Shaftesbury Fringe Festival

5th January 2019

Creative Workspace, Bristol

Part of Travelling Light Theatre's

#PlayFull Cities family theatre programme

4th June 2017

Mission Theatre, Bath

Part of Bath Fringe Festival

2nd July 2016

Zion Community Arts Space

24th April 2018

Beechcroft Primary School, Weymouth

2nd June 2017

Creative Workspace, Bristol

15th June 2016

Knowle West Children's Centre

Relaxed Outdoor Performance

7th October 2017

Valley Arts, Chew Magna

31st May 2017

Little Wells Theatre, Wells

10th June 2016

Victoria Hall, Radstock

18th & 21st April 2017

Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol

31st May 2016

The Space Theatre, Keynsham

12th April 2017

Theatre Shop, Clevedon

28th May 2016

Hungry Caterpillar Play Cafe, Bedminster

1st April 2017

Shoebox Theatre, Swindon

Part of Swindon Fringe Festival

10th April 2016

Redcatch Park Community Centre, Knowle

Relaxed Performance