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"Tethered" is about family ties, bonding, umbilical cords and heartstrings. It's about how we often express our connections with our families, particularly those family members we have caring responsibilities for (young or old) through images of ties, cords or strings. It explores why this might be.

"Tethered" explores how ties can root us but also sometimes limit us. For Gill, who made and performs the piece, it's about solo parenting. For you, it might be about something else.

It was commissioned by BS13 Theatre Company, funded by Dundry View Wellbeing Fund, and was first performed as a play for three actors at Zion Community Arts Space in 2015 as part of an evening of new writing called ‘In My Shoes’ (Directed by Bryn Holding and featuring Charlotte Ellis, Alex Gartshore & Annette Chown).

It has since been developed and performed as a piece of performance art as part of Fringe Arts Bath 2017,  was  presented at a  Demostage event  curated by MAYK in April 2018, and was filmed as part of Back to Back Theatre's  international film project "The Democratic Set" in collaboration with  Bristol producers collective In Between Time and Knowle West Media Centre in July 2018.

It is still being  developed.

previous dates

Fringe Arts Bath Festival

5th, 6th & 7th June 2017

‘In My Shoes’ Festival of  New Writing,

Zion Community Arts Space

12th September 2015


in performance at Fringe Arts Bath

June 2017

forthcoming dates

International Women's Day (Bristol)

Sat 2nd March, 2.30pm

City Hall, Bristol

Mothers Who Make (Bristol Old Vic)

Wed 13th March, 10am-12noon

Performance & workshop

Sharp Teeth

Sun 30th June, 6pm

Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol