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Wonderland: in development

Make the world more wonderful with Alice!


Choose a door and discover what's beyond...perhaps you'll be dancing with turtles or investigating the suspicious theft of the best Royal Jam Tarts!


Wonderland is our new exciting multi-sensory, interactive and intergenerational performance project for 2019!


It will feature original music, playful characters, plenty of opportunities to join in to create your own Wonderland, plus the chance to actually experience the smells and even the tastes of Wonderland!

Wonderland is being developed with an intergenerational audience in mind, more specifically, an intergenerational audience where some of the members of the audience are living with dementia. We are currently researching best practice for arts facilitation for those living with dementia.


We will be devising the show to work in the context of a care-home, community centre or school setting as well as for family festivals and events, as well as conventional theatre spaces. The show will work in both indoor and outdoor locations.


Work will begin on the show in March 2019, and our first preview shows are scheduled for April 2019.


Wonderland is currently supported by Bristol Ageing Better, Quartet Community Foundation and BID Clifton Village.