Sticky Ends (the spooky edition)

Sticky Ends: the spooky edition

Photography: Matt Austin

"An excellent show! 

Brilliant, hilarious and wacky."

Helen Bovey
Above and Beyond Children's Theatre Festival, Plymouth

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94CreativeWorkspace190325Matt Austin

Sticky Ends: the spooky edition is a family storytelling show for the Halloween season. Expect original comic cautionary stories and songs about nose-picking and pumpkins.

Although sometimes gently gruesome, there’s nothing scary to alarm small ones. Instead, expect lots of silliness, surprises and chances to join in, and as a bonus extra, watch us improvise a brand new story every show from your own ideas! 

And do you know what might happen if you do really bad stuff, like pick your nose in public or throw your veggies in the bin? Yes, that’s right, you’ll come to a sticky end!

See also our original improvised storytelling show Sticky Ends, which is about what might happen if you do really bad stuff at any time of year.

"Pumpkins Don't Belong In Bins"

Extract of a song from Sticky Ends: the spooky edition

audience reviews

"Engaging and imaginative."

Audience Member, Fringe TheatreFest

The show was funny and amazing.

I liked how they asked poeple to join in."

Fred, aged 7

Tour Dates

21st October 2021

Wraxall Primary School, Bristol

8th November, 2019

Valley Arts, North Somerset

17th October 2021

Hartcliffe Community Centre, Bristol

9th November 2019

Pavilions, Teignmouth

16th October 2021

Rhubarb Speech and Drama School, Portishead

28th October 2019

Merlin Theatre, Frome

30th-31st October 2020
Page Park, Kingswood, Bristol

23rd October 2019

Exeter Library

24th October 2020
Hartcliffe Community Centre, Bristol

31st October 2018

Creative Workspace, Withywood, Bristol

30th October 2019

Creative Workspace, Bristol

24th October 2018

Above & Beyond Children's Theatre Festival, Plymouth

31st October 2019

The Lighthouse, Poole

22nd October 2018

Junction 3 Library, Easton, Bristol