Family Arts

Family Arts

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In addition to making family theatre, we design and deliver many other kinds of creative activities for families to enjoy together.


In a simple, one hour workshop we help families explore initial ideas, develop lyrics, find some rhythms and add a simple tune. We like to make a recording of these new songs which we can share with the families afterwards.  We've taken our family songwriting workshop to several family-friendly events including Knowle West Fest and Priddy Folk Festival.

Superhero costume making

Craft a cape, perhaps add a mask, and whizz yourself up some seriously cool superhero gadgetry to enhance your superpowers, step into our giant cartoon frame and there you are, you've found your inner superhero!


“You were a great hit today with everyone! My child went to bed with their superhero outfit on!”

Make Sunday Special Ashton Gate event organiser


A creative way for families to explore fine art together. Choose a picture, find the right fabrics and props to recreate the look, and step into the frame. We encourage families to enter their Framed photograph into a competition, and we award the winner with a children's art book. 

“This is my favourite thing! You’ve inspired me to make a dressing up box for my children now I’ve seen how much they love it!”

Parent, Southbank Bristol Arts Trail

“Such an effective idea! Everyone was looking very carefully at the pictures in order to get their costume right. And giving them a card with the artist’s name on the back at the end is a great idea to encourage them to keep on enjoying art!”

Art in the Park' Event organiser, Entertaining Local Knowle

Dotty's Disco

A mobile disco with a difference, Dotty hails from the disco halls of the 70s. And she's on a mission to get everyone dancing. Can't think of a move? Don't worry! Dotty's got a giant dotty dice to help you choose your disco grooves! 

"Dotty had everyone from little tots to teenage boys and even dads dancing!”

Keynsham Hour, Somer Valley FM community radio

Immersive Outdoor Play Environments

We design and deliver pop-up immersive play environments. We have turned a park in Whitchurch into an underwater adventure complete with yellow submarine, Windmill Hill City Farm into a pirate ship and a wood in Stockwood into a magic castle. A blend of craft, costume-making, and storytelling, these environments encourage families to play in a make-believe world.

To enquire about us bringing a family arts workshops to your event, please get in touch here.