Yule Be Merry

Yule Be Merry

Photography: Dougie Allward

Yule Be Merry: an outdoor-friendly Christmas sketch
commissioned December 2020 by Dorset County Council Artz+ Programme for disabled children & young people

"Brave Bold Drama brought Christmas cheer to our annual event for children with special needs and their families at Farmer Palmers Farm Park.

There was lots on offer at the park and to complement this Paul and Gill devised a wonderfully interactive performance for us which worked to draw in families as they passed by.

It was a chill, grey day but children readily engaged with the characters, song, story and scenarios presented.  They were especially good at being flexible in following suggestions from the audience and bringing children in to perform with them."

Helen Day
Artz+,Dorset Council 


Join hapless Christmas event planners Holly & Noel from ‘Yule Be Merry: carefully curated Christmas creations’ as they attempt to assemble a 12 Days of Christmas themed event to a tight deadline for a demanding boss.

In the face of insurmountable tech glitches, escaped poultry and unavoidably delayed ballet dancers, Noel and Holly are determined to press on regardless.

After all, they do have the pear tree.