George and the Flight of the Imaginees

Photography: Adrian Mantle

"A great advert for imagination and a thoroughly engaging hour of entertainment . . .'

Bradley Stoke Radio

"Another lovely show. Brave Bold Drama are a really great theatre company."

Weston Super Mum


Within the confines of his bedroom George spends his time creating pre-historic beasts and subterranean mythical creatures, and also wondering when he'll next get a postcard from Dad, who is on a round-the-world trip.

Whilst on a trip to a seaside pier with his hard-working mum, George finds himself helping a curious fortune-teller with her crystal ball that's somehow on the blink. This requires all his imaginative powers as he tests his creative mind to the limit, stretching ideas into even more fantastical brand new shapes.

A globe-trotting quest bursting at the seams with magical illuminations and original music – in a tale about how limitless imagination can be (and how it can get you into a spot of bother sometimes!)

audience reviews

"That was really silly...I loved it!"


"My children were enthralled all the way through!"


"I laughed just as much as my children! Such a lovely afternoon! Thankyou!"


"'George & the Flight of the Imaginees' is a fantastic, inventive and engaging family show. It has beautifully written original songs and funny characters with something for everyone, young and old.'


"'George and the Flight of the Imaginees' was amazing, the girls really loved the show and haven't stopped talking about it. Brilliant to see you in action, Brave Bold Drama. Thank you for brightening a dull day!"


tour dates

The Olive Tree Cafe, Swindon

(Swindon Fringe Festival)

8th April 2018

Bridport Arts Centre, Dorset

17th March 2018

Whitchurch Primary School, Bristol

14th March 2018

Creative Workspace, Bristol

16th February 2018

Pound Arts Centre, Corsham

(Part of Theatre Fest West)

14th February 2018

The Subscription Rooms, Stroud

28th January 2018

(with Family Drama Workshop)

Zion Community Space, Bristol

13th & 14th January 2018

The Space, Keynsham

30th December 2017

The Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol

28th & 29th December 2017