Blog #7 - "Eyes Front"


On more than one occasion recently I’ve been caught feeling like it must be August very soon. This is because I’m currently occupied with finalising our Summer holiday programme, and this means spending a lot of headspace in the future, so much so that you end up believing it is August already.

So as I’m spending a lot of time looking ahead, I thought I’d spend this blog letting you know what’s hoving into view on my horizon. Some are already quite clearly focused, some are definitely still a bit fuzzy round the edges, and some are quite difficult to make out but there’s definitely something there, we just need a stronger telescope.

Earlier this week we put our “George and the Flight of the Imaginees” suitcases up on the shelf, and took down our “Alf the Highwayman” suitcase. This was quite a significant moment as we put our “George” show to bed for the time being. Don’t worry, “George” will be definitely be back some day!

We were digging out our “Alf” costumes for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we are making a new promotional trailer for the show and started shooting this week on location on board The Matthew, the replica of John Cabot’s ship. Our thanks to the kind crew and volunteers to The Matthew, who kindly gave us the entire run of the ship. Secondly, we are touring the show to a primary school in Weymouth in a couple of weeks, so it’s time to make sure we can remember the lines and still have all the props. So fully planned third tour of “Alf the Highwayman” is one of those things that’s definitely on the horizon, but currently you’d need a really good telescope to see it.

Slightly fuzzier round the edges, but definitely more in focus than the “Alf” tour is the “Sticky Ends” tour which starts in June and will be visiting Bath Fringe on the Theatre Bath Bus, Barnstaple Theatre Fest, Priddy Folk Festival and Wells Theatre Festival. “Sticky Ends” is my one-woman storytelling show, a set of original comic cautionary tales written with worthy if vainglorious aims: I put it to you that PERHAPS after seeing the show children will never again play too much on computers, demand icecream on a daily basis or refuse to go to bed. I mean, it’s a long shot, granted, but as a parent of three I will say hey, it’s got to be worth a try, right? Anything’s worth a try when it comes to getting children to do stuff. Just to be retrospective for a moment with regards to the show, I wrote most of it in 2000 for the Edinburgh Fringe. I revamped it for Buxton Fringe in 2017 where it was well received, so I’m revamping it even more with new stories for June 2018. Some of the stories aren’t quite finished yet. Like I said, slightly fuzzy edges.

Most sharply in focus is our May/June programme at Creative Workspace. That’s pinned down, fixed, confirmed and in print. I’ll be spending tomorrow dropping the flyers at all the local places in BS13 who kindly support us. So if you haven’t had a look at what we have lined up yet, now’s your chance. Also, although happening a bit further ahead in August, our Summer School “Make a Play in a Week” for 8-11 year olds is also fixed and confirmed, with applications for places already starting to come in. So if you want to look ahead, like I have been, why not email us now to apply so your child can finish their summer holidays on a bang, then get in touch and apply soon!

Well that’s quite enough long, middle and short term focusing for one blog. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling quite dizzy.

Remember, if you’ve seen things here you think someone you know would enjoy, don’t forget to tell them about us! That’s always super helpful!