Creative Writing Anthology

Here's where you can enjoy some creative writing by members of our Creative Writing Group.

We explore a different writing genre each month.

We welcome a professional writer to join us at times.

October 2021-January 2022: Historic Fiction
Visiting writer: James MacVeigh

April-May 2021: Writing for Performance
Visiting writer: Mike Akers

We focused in April and May 2021 on writing for performance, specifically on creating dialogue.

As part of this, we took inspiration from the street photography of Bristol-based photographer Shelby Alexander.

Images below are shared with kind permission.
Instagram: @shelby_cameralicious

February-March 2021: Writing for Young Children
Visiting writer: Stevie-Jane Wade

Members of the Creative Writing group collaborated during meetings in February and March 2021 to create a new children's story.

We commissioned an illustrator, Liv Rose Whitfield to create images for our story.

It was published digitally on 14th May 2021 to support Pyjamarama, a day by Booktrust. Booktrust are a national charity who support children's reading.

January 2021: Creative Journalling
Visiting writer: Barbara Bloomfield

Nov 2020: Thrillers
Visiting writer: Gabriel Dylan (author of YA thriller Whiteout)

We took inspiration from the BBC audio drama The Piper, a thriller version of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and co-created our own audio trailer.
Deadline, a thriller-style reworking of Cinderella.

This trailer was written and performed by Jacob Bouyer, Katie Chalk, Aimee Hester and Paul Lawless. Sound design and editing is by Gill Simmons.

More poetry and two thriller shorts.

October 2020: Poetry
Visiting writer: Caleb Parkin, Bristol City Poet