Walkabout Theatre

Walkabout theatre

We love getting out and about, because we're certain to reach new people who might otherwise not access live performance. Here's a selection of our family-friendly walkabout characters.

The Poets
The Monitors
Company of International Artists
Pop Up BioLab

Walkabout characters

The People's Protection League

The People's Protection League are walkabout characters from an fictional charity that gives support to people who are bullied by their cats. Which is far more common than you'd expect, actually.

So if you’ve ever suffered from hallways of half-dead frogs, trodden on an abandoned vole bladder or been covered in vomit when your feline overdid the catnip, then The People's Protection League is for you. 

Features the song "Cat-astrophe" by Gill Simmons. 

The Poets

Daisy, Nettle and Basil are feeling the Vibes. They travel the country in their beaten up VW Camper, seeking Vibes. Once they've felt the Vibes, they will transform the Vibes into some truly eye-wateringly so-bad-it's-funny poems and songs.

So if you ever feel like you're a very ordinary and uninspiring person, go meet a Poet. Because they might be terrible at poetry, but they know that every person has Vibes. You'll leave feeling much happier about yourself, we assure you. 

The Monitors

Escaped characters from our family show George and the Flight of the Imaginees, meet The Monitors. The Monitors are grey-suited, briefcase-wielding and very, very serious.

Your Health and Safety is their paramount concern and they'll do everything in their arsenal of measuring devices to ensure that you don't have Too Much Fun. Or Imagine Too Much. I mean, you can't go around just imagining things. Where would it end?

So serious they are utterly ridiculous.

Our Walkabout characters have toured to many places including:

Children's World (Glastonbury)
LPW Adventure Playground (Hartcliffe, Bristol)
Bedlam Fair (Bath)
North Street Fair (Southville, Bristol)
Keynsham Music Festival

To enquire about us bringing walkabout characters to your event, please get in touch here.