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Here's where you can support us by purchasing CDs of original music from our shows, original audio stories and song downloads. Purchases are used to cover our company overheads and also support the freelance artists who make the music and stories, so we can keep on doing that.

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Alf the Highwayman CD

£6 (p&p £1.50)

Alf the Highwayman is our award-winning family theatre show. The story and music are all entirely original. Alf the Highwayman was devised in 2016, and has been touring ever since to schools, libraries, venues, fringe and folk festivals.

The show tells the tale of Alf, who has an eye for other people’s possessions. Especially belongings of sentimental value. He snatches and grabs without a thought for other people’s feelings. ​But it’s time for him to change tack and learn that there are better ways to play!

There is original music throughout the show. This CD includes all the music from the show, composed by Gill Simmons and performed by Paul Lawless and Gill Simmons. There are 18 tracks in all, including bonus ‘backing tracks’ which mean your child can learn the songs and sing-along.

“An exceptional show.” (Vault Festival, London)
“A beautifully written and performed piece of children’s theatre.” (Exploring Exeter)

The Perils of Puddle Jumping

£3.50 (audio story or printable version available)

Featuring rain, some scientific words about the earth's atmosphere and a rather trigger-happy alien called Norma, The Perils of Puddle Jumping is an audio story you can enjoy at home and is suitable for children aged 7+. It comes with additional suggestions for creative activities based on the story.

Written and recorded by our Artistic Director, Gill Simmons, this story is currently available for £3.50. Proceeds will go towards covering our company overheads which we need to keep paying in order to survive as a theatre company. Thank you.

Listen to a one minute taster of the story here

The Ballad of Hannah Twynnoy: or, Wild Curiosity
a new song made for Malmesbury Community Radio  (available to download)

If you like your local history with a bit of bite, this could be for you.

This folk song was made especially for Malmesbury Community Radio in April 2020. It’s about Hannah Twynnoy, the first recorded woman in England to sadly meet her end at the jaws of a visiting tiger. It happened in the yard of a Malmesbury inn, The White Lion, in 1703. 

Written & performed by Gill Simmons, this song is available for £1.50. Proceeds help us to pay company overheads during this challenging time so that we can keep on creating new stories and songs for you all to enjoy. Thank you. 

The Importance of Battenberg Cake
a FREE audio story made for Booktrust's Pyjamarama Day, 1st May 2020

A brand new audio story for 2-5 year olds made especially in support of Pyjamarama Day, 1st May 2020, a nationwide event by Booktrust to encourage support for their work, ensuring all children have access to stories as they are growing up.

Made by Gill Simmons with important suggestions from Iggy, Daniel and Adam who requested the story include clouds, a frog, a fairy, a dragon, a snow leopard, a car park and the colours yellow and pink.

Watch this introductory film first, then hear the story via the link below.

This story is FREE. Please support Booktrust and us if you can! 

Listen to The Importance of Battenberg Cake

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Patch of Blue
a new song made for Pound Arts Blue Sky and Beyond Festival, June 2020

Our contribution to Pound Arts Centre "Blue Sky and Beyond Festival".  

"Patch of Blue" was written & recorded by our Artistic Director Gill. It's about the sky immediately above her garden in south Bristol.


If you enjoy the song and are able to make a donation to support our creative work in the community, you can here.  Thank you. 

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