The Munch Mission

Photographs: Studio Duo

Oh help, our Munch is missing!

Do you possess the wit, nerve and skill to become the next CIA agent?

Work with Agents Kahlo and Dali of the Company of International Artists to solve a fiendishly sneaky art heist. Help them to chase leads, decipher clues and interrogate suspects to retrieve a missing artwork.

Full of mystery, nods to film noir and a broad streak of quirky comedy, The Munch Mission is an outdoor playable family theatre show in a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style.

Devised by the company. Designed by Bronia Housman. Directed by Evan Lordan (Touching the Void).

Sound design by Gill Simmons. Produced by Paul Lawless. Stage management: Katie Chalk.

Winter 2021 Performances

19th November

Valley Arts Festival


20th November

Exeter Library


The Company of International Artists empowers children to interpret art and to create themselves.

It also exists as a through-the-post subscription service, as online creative missions and as a socially distanced live creative workshops

Summer 2021 Workshops

25th August

Bovington Children Centre, Dorset

with Dorset Council

31st August - 1st September

The Hideout, Hartcliffe, Bristol

with Learning Partnerships West

The Company of International Artists was initially developed in 2020 as a lockdown create-at-home project for Hartcliffe & Withywood families, supported by Quartet Community Foundation.