Interpreting art is like spotting hidden clues and deciphering them.

The Company of International Artists is a fictional top secret creative agency that uses the discourse of secret agents to empower children to interpret art and create art themselves.

Company of International Artists creative missions blend walkabout theatre with hands-on creativity with a cheeky side of improvised song-writing, and are suitable for humans aged 6+. 

The Company of International Artists is a multi-form, world-building project.
These creative missions are a brilliant way to take your first step into that world.

We have run creative missions in all sorts of places including art galleries and museums, schools, shopping centres and community events. It works indoors and outside.

We can bring the art with us, or if we're in a space that has art, then we take inspiration from what's there. We can tailor the focus of creative missions to encompass many things!

Everyone is welcome to talk about and make art with the Company of International Artists!

When we work in the field with creative agents, we like to file their ideas about art safely in a song, which we record and share on our social media.

Here's some art-inspired songs from previous events, co-written across the space of a day with numerous creative agents sharing their ideas about art with us.
That explains why these songs are so unique, lyrically speaking.

Jude the Octopus
Spindly Elephants

Outdoor Art Gallery: optional add on, ideal for festivals

In addition to running Creative Missions, we can install a stylish, robust outdoor art gallery with up to 12 stations. Families respond to open-ended prompts at each station to help them enjoy the art together. We can theme the art collection in response to an event if required.

This trail is animated by high-energy, colourful and eccentric walkabout characters Agents Kahlo and Dali from The Company of International Artists.

The trail is self-led and can be experienced at families' own pace. In a festival setting, the trail is a useful way to signpost when and where the Creative Missions are running, whilst also enhancing the festival environment with curious, colourful art!